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2 for 1 Sizing Kit (Natural & Sculpted)

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Now you can try both Natural and Sculpted Fit with our
2 for 1 Sizing Kit!

Receive a FREE Sizing Kit with the purchase of a Made to Order Nail Set!
Use Code: FreeKit
and we will mail you the Sizing Kit first via Standard Mail!
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How to measure

To find your size you can measure the width of your nail. Place tape over the widest part of your nail plate and mark the sides with a thin tipped marker or pen. Remove the tape and flatten it on a piece of paper. Then, with a measuring tape or ruler, measure the length in millimeters (mm).

Don't want to measure your nails?  Purchase a sizing kit to find your perfect fit. 

10 clear nails in each Natural and Sculpted fit in the shape and length of your choice, from sizes 0-9 to ensure exact sizing.  

If you are in between sizes it is recommended to size up.

Each nail has a small number on the tip or the base near the cuticle that tells you it's size. 

Natural or Sculpted?

Natural fits a flatter/wider nail bed while Sculpted fits a more curved/narrow nail bed.

**Ballerina = Stiletto with the tip cut off**

*one code per customer, first purchases only. 

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