About Us

Hi, I’m Becky Sadler!

My passion for nail art started in 2011, just before I had my first son. I was a bad nail biter and was looking for a way to stop. I started to paint my nails in the hopes that it would help me, and it did! I stopped biting my nails and became obsessed with painting nail art on them. After a lot of late nights I got REALLY good at it!

Nails became my passion and I received my certification in Manicure & Pedicure in 2015. Then I left my (soul sucking) corporate job of 10 years to start Sadler Up Nails.

Sadler Up Nails press-ons are wearable and are perfect for busy moms, students or anyone that just doesn't want to sit in the salon for hours!  Not to mention the risk of contact dermatitis that has been on the rise recently.

I only use high quality, professional grade products mostly purchased within Canada (Ugly Duckling, Bioseaweed Gel and Madam Glam are my favorite and mostly used product brands).

All nails are made with Aprés Gel-X nails and are top coated with gel to ensure durability so you can reuse them again!

I've made sure to offer a variety of designs at many price points to suit everyone’s needs. Most designs can also be customized to your liking, just send an email to SadlerUpNails@gmail.com to inquire!

I  also do custom designs! Please view the Custom Designs section on how to bring your idea to life.

I am here to serve YOU! All orders are made with care and fulfilled within 3-5 business days!